All you need to know about Makita’s MAKPAC cases

Last updated: January 26, 2024

Are you running out of storage room? Do you need a trouble-free way to transport your tools and equipment? The Makita Makpac connector cases are an excellent storage solution for all of your Makita tools. They come in four sizes with selectable inserts to safely hold a wide range of different devices. Each case is cleverly engineered to securely interlock with the rest of the Makita Makpac range.

The cases can be stacked on top of each other and connected with the locking latches or linked as an individual unit that can be easily carried around the site. Aided by solid and comfortable collapsible handles, the Makita Makpac range of cases is the perfect way to move and store your tools.

Makita Makpac Range

Apart from the four practical tool cases, the Makita Makpac range includes transportation solutions such as the Makita TR00000001 MakPac Foldable Trolley, the manoeuvrable Makita P-83886 Makpac Platform with four heavy-duty swivel wheels, and a variety of over 50 inlay trays and foam, moulded specifically to protect your Makita Power Tools and accessories.

Makita Makpac Inlays

At Toolden, we understand how important your power tools are for you and your business. To keep your precious equipment protected daily, we stock the full Makita Makpac range of Connector Cases, inserts and transportation options. Have a look at our website, and start storing your Makita tools in the best way. 

Makita Makpac Box Sizes     

Makita Makpac 821549-5 Stacking Connector Case Type 1

Makita Makpac Type 1

Perfect for batteries and the extra small bits that need to be tidied up. The connector case system is designed for professionals with solid and collapsible carry handles, making these connector cases easy to move and store.


Makita Makpac 821550-0 Stacking Connector Case Type 2

Makita Makpac Type 2

The Makita Makpac Type 2 case is ideal for keeping DJV180Z and DJV182Z LXT Cordless Jigsaw secure and ready to use. Makita even makes an insert (837639-4) to securely hold DJV182Z in Makpac Type 2 Case. Another optional accessory that fits this tray is 837679-0, which is compatible with the Makita DTD152Z LXT 18V Cordless Impact Driver and DTW251Z 18V LXT Li-ion Impact Wrench.


Makita Makpac 821551-8 Stacking Connector Case Type 3

Makita Makpac Type 3

The Makpac Type 3 case is suitable for storing larger Makita tools, such as planers, biscuit jointers, SDS hammer drills and circular saws. For example, the DHR202 18V SDS+ Rotary Hammer DrillPJ7000 110V Biscuit Jointer or DSS611Z LXT 18V Cordless Circular Saw would fit in the case perfectly. 


Makita Makpac 821552-6 Stacking Connector Case Type 4

Makpac type-4

The Makita Makpac Type 4 case is perfect for organising those Makita cordless tools lying around your workplace for ages. Our  DLX2134TJ-2 kit, for example, is supplied in a Makpac Type 4 Case, and it includes DHP482 18v LXT Combi DrillDJV180 18v LXT Jigsaw, 2 x BL1850B 5Ah Batteries and DC18RC Fast Charger. 


If you are looking for a secure and easy way to store your Makita Power tools, the Makita Makpac range is the perfect choice for you. You can easily transport all your tools and keep them always ready for action! 


Are Makpac cases waterproof or weather-resistant?

Makpac cases offer a degree of water resistance, protecting against light rain and moisture. While they are designed to shield tools from typical job site conditions, including occasional exposure to water, they are not fully waterproof. Prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions or submersion may impact their ability to keep tools completely dry. Users should exercise caution to ensure optimal protection for their tools in varying weather conditions.

Are Makpac cases only for specific Makita tools, or are they universal?

Makpac cases are designed specifically for Makita tools and accessories, and they are not universally compatible with tools from other brands. The dimensions and internal configurations of Makpac cases are tailored to fit Makita tools securely. While they provide a standardized and efficient storage solution for a wide range of Makita products, users should be aware that these cases may not be suitable for tools from different manufacturers with distinct sizing and design characteristics.

Can I buy Makpac cases separately?

Yes, Makita offers Makpac cases for separate purchase. Users can buy Makpac cases individually, allowing them to customize their storage solutions, add additional cases as needed, or replace existing cases that may be damaged or worn. This flexibility enables users to tailor their tool storage setup according to their specific requirements.

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