Best Lawnmower for Large Lawns

Last updated: March 30, 2023

If you’re blessed with a lovely large lawn, you’ll understand when we say this can be a double-edged sword. Yes, a perfectly manicured garden with luscious green lawns is something to be proud of, but the downside is you have to mow it! Of course, this is an enjoyable task for most, but if you’ve ever wondered what the best lawn mower for large lawns is, then hello and welcome! Now, short of owning a ride-on lawnmower (I know, everyone’s dream, right?!), we have tested some of the best in the business from hard-hitting names such as EinhellDewalt and Makita, so let’s get started.

Einhell GC-PM 46/4 S 460mm Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
DeWalt Lawn Mower with Batteries and Charger
DeWalt DCMW564P2 Twin 18V Brushless Lawn Mower with 2x 5.0Ah Batteries
Makita Corded Lawnmower
Makita ELM3320X 330mm Electric Lawn Mower 1200W 240V

Corded or Cordless?

We’ve all been there; the sun is shining, the grass is dry, and it’s time to mow the lawn! You set away gliding across the grass, and then suddenly, the power goes! You look around only to see that you’ve cut through the cable. . .again! This is also a particular trait of electric hedge trimmers too. So if your cable is starting to look more like a roll of gaffer tape, then it might be time to upgrade a cordless lawn mower But, which is the best cordless lawnmower, I hear you ask? Well, this is down to you. With so many options on the market now, you can opt for a petrol lawnmower or rechargeable battery lawn mower, both of which are fantastic for a larger lawn as you will no longer be restricted by the plug, extension lead or worse, the dreaded power cut. So, with that in mind, is there a particular type of cordless lawn mower that will serve you better?

Cordless lawnmowers – what’s the difference?

Makita Cordless Lawnmower

This is where it gets interesting. Not much in the sense of design; they all have a familiar set-up, therefore, it’s all down to power. The leading contenders here are either petrol or battery, both of which offer outstanding results. A petrol engine generates a high torque making it easier than ever to cut through high-density areas. In contrast, the rechargeable batteries of a battery-powered lawnmower are second to none for increased running time and consistent power.

But when it comes to next-level performance, self-propelled lawn mowers go above and beyond expectations. This clever drive system enables the lawnmower to move forward on its own, therefore saving you the hassle of pushing it around a large lawn, genius! Self-propelled lawn mowers have a bar like a handle that you squeeze to operate, then off you go, a freshly mown lawn in half the time.

Advantages of a cordless lawn mower – petrol or battery:

Disadvantages of a cordless lawnmower:

A cordless lawn mower will come with a clippings bag that collects the grass along the way. This needs to be emptied regularly while cutting; therefore, it’s worth comparing sizes before you buy to ensure it is sufficient for your needs. You don’t want to stop every 5 minutes to empty a smaller bag.

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