​Best Mitre Saw to Buy in 2024

Last updated: January 26, 2024

Whether you want to make angled cuts or accurate crosscuts, mitre saws are the best power tools for the job! These particular tools can facilitate a variety of cuts and are quickly becoming the favourite saws among professional and DIY users.

With so many types available, including compound, sliding compound, and double bevel mitre saws from the world’s top manufacturers: DeWalt, Makita, Evolution, Metabo, and Festool, it can become quite challenging to decide which one to buy!

Mitre Saw

What is a Mitre Saw?

Mitre Saw Range

Miter Saws are used for accurate, precise crosscuts and mitre joint cuts at selected angles. Some can also pivot to the left or right, returning bevelled cuts.

Compound Miter Saws – These are also known as single compound mitre saws because they can only bevel their blade to one side, facilitating a variety of angled cuts.

Double Bevel Miter Saws – With this type of mitre saw it is quite self-explanatory! Unlike the single compound mitre saws, this one will warrant the blade to pivot to both left and right, allowing for increased flexibility while easing the sawing process.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws – This saw allows for the blade to be drawn towards the user and through the material; therefore, the saw can cut through a wide variety of materials with varying widths.  

How to choose the best mitre saws?


Best Mitre Saw

Choosing the right mitre saw depends very much on what you’re planning to use it for, which is why you need to decide which type to pick!


Mitre Saw Blade Sizes

Choosing the best mitre saw based on application also means that you must consider the size of the saw most suitable for the job! With the most popular sizes being 8”, 10” and 12”, respectively 210mm, 255mm and 305mm mitre saws offer increased portability and flexibility! Also, based on the saw size, you must choose the appropriate mitre saw blades, which come in either 8”, 10” or 12″. Since most cutting blades are compatible with most saws, including table or circular saws, you would want to choose the ones with more teeth for finer cuts since mitre saws are commonly used for precise cuts and finishing jobs!

Check our Miter Saw Blade Range Here

Mitre Saw Blade Range

In addition, if you are planning on using the mitre saw on site, a stand is recommended as it offers greater stability and keeps everything in place while sawing. Moreover, most mitre saw stands come in a foldable design with height-adjustable arms, capable of holding material of different sizes.

Check out our Mitre Saw Stand Range

Mitre Saw Stands


When purchasing any other power tool, you should choose between cordless mitre saws and corded mitre saws based on the functions you most require from the equipment.

Corded Mitre Saws – Available in either 110v or 240v; choosing between them is mostly based on where you’ll be using the mitre saw. For DIY users, it is much easier to decide since most households have 240v-powered mains. Meanwhile, professionals will have to base their decisions on whether they’ll use the saw on sites where 110v is mandatory or for domestic jobs!

Cordless Miter Saws – If you’re still unsure about choosing between 110v or 240v, we’ll make this easier and recommend cordless mitre saws! Why stress yourself further when you now have corded power in a cordless design? With various new mitre saws entering the market, you can now take advantage of the Dewalt 54 Flexvolt Miter SawsMakita 36v Mitre SawsHikoki 36v Multivolt Mitre Saws and many more! Alternatively, you can read more on this subject HERE!

Mitre Saw Features and Specifications


Finally, since we now have a better understanding of mitre saws and their usability, it’s time to decide which brand to buy. Or maybe you already know! DeWaltMakitaEvolutionMetaboFestool?

Toolden’s Best Selling Mitre Saws

Makita Mitre Saw

Makita DLS714NZ Twin 18V 190mm Mitre Saw (Body Only)

The Makita DLS714NZ is a cordless slide compound mitre saw powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries, delivering a potent 36V brushless motor for exceptional performance. With features such as soft start, LED indicator for battery status and automatic speed control, electric brake, and a battery protection circuit, it provides both convenience and safety. This machine has a double sliding mechanism, an easy-to-grip handle, and a maximum cutting capacity of 52 x 300 mm, making it a versatile tool for various woodworking applications.

DeWalt DWS727-GB 250mm XPS Double Bevel Slide Mitre Saw 240V

The DeWalt DWS727-GB 250mm XPS Double Bevel Slide Mitre Saw is designed for precision and convenience in various woodworking applications. Equipped with the XPS cross-cut positioning system, it offers increased accuracy and visibility without requiring calibration. The cam action mitre lock function allows quick adjustment of angles between 0-50° left and 0-60° right, while the large dual sliding fence provides maximum support for cutting larger materials. With a compact and lightweight design, this saw is ideal for site work, and its AIRLOCK compatibility ensures improved dust extraction for cleaner and safer job sites. The tool also features a quick-release bevel setting, a grooving stop for depth adjustment, and a powerful 4300 min/-1 no-load speed.

DeWalt Mitre Saw
Evolution Mitre Saw

Evolution R210SMS+ 210mm Pro Multi-Material Sliding Mitre Saw 1500W 240V

The Evolution R210SMS+ Pro Multi-Material Sliding Mitre Saw is a versatile tool for precision cutting across various materials. Utilizing patented Evolution RAGE® multi-material cutting technology, it can cut mild steel, non-ferrous metals, wood (even with embedded nails), and plastic with a single blade. The saw offers safety and efficiency with laser guidance for accuracy, dual quick-release clamps for faster adjustments, and a lightweight, portable design. The Pro Version includes essential accessories, such as the RAGE® Multipurpose Circular Saw Blade, toe clamps, front clamp, dust bag, and a dual-ended Allen key, making it a comprehensive solution for various cutting tasks.

Milwaukee M18 FMS254-0 18V Fuel 254mm Mitre Saw (Body Only)

The Milwaukee M18 FMS254-0 18V Fuel 254mm Mitre Saw (Body Only) is a powerful and versatile tool designed for professional applications. It features a brushless POWERSTATE™ motor for extended motor life and increased power. The REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence system provides digital overload protection for both the tool and battery, enhancing performance under load. With a 254 mm blade, quick-release bevel setting, large sliding fences for stability, a trenching stop with depth adjustment, and an integrated LED light, this mitre saw offers precision and convenience.

Milwaukee Mitre Saw


Can I use a mitre saw for other materials besides wood?

Yes, a mitre saw can be used for materials besides wood, depending on the model and the appropriate blade. Some mitre saws can cut through plastic, certain types of metal, or other materials. It’s essential to use the right blade for the specific material and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safe and efficient cutting.

Do mitre saws come with a laser guide?

Many mitre saws come equipped with a laser guide feature. This laser guide projects a visible line onto the workpiece, providing a visual reference for where the blade will make the cut. This feature aids in achieving more accurate and precise cuts by helping users align the saw with the intended cutting line. However, not all mitre saws include a laser guide, so you should check the specifications of the specific model you are interested in.

What is the difference between a sliding mitre saw and a non-sliding mitre saw?

The main difference between a sliding mitre saw and a non-sliding mitre saw is their cutting capacity. A non-sliding mitre saw has a fixed cutting range in a horizontal plane, limiting the width of the material it can cut. On the other hand, a sliding mitre saw features rails that enable the saw head to slide forward and backward, significantly increasing its cutting capacity. This sliding action allows the saw to cut wider boards and make more extensive crosscuts than a non-sliding mitre saw.

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