Best Tools for Gardening

Last updated: March 23, 2022

As a professional gardener, the right tools are everything. Not only do they make your job a little easier, but professional gardening tools offer greater speed, accuracy and efficiency to your work, after all, there is nothing more rewarding than a satisfied customer with a perfectly pruned garden. So whether you are building your first gardening tool kit, you want to expand on an existing kit or you simply want an update on the best professional gardening tools around, then this guide is for you.

Types of Gardening Tools

When it comes to types of gardening tools, there are two main categories, hand tools and power tools. Hand tools are your typical garden equipment that are not powered by anything other than yourself ie manual labour, whereas power tools are often used for larger areas and jobs that would require something other than good old fashioned elbow grease. Let’s discuss these in more detail.

Gardening Hand Tools

Hand tools are used in almost every aspect of gardening from weeding and pruning to digging and potting, therefore the hand tools every gardener should own are:

Gardening Power Tools

Power tools are a gardener’s best friend when it comes to those heavy-duty tasks, these include:

Landscaping vs Gardening – What’s the difference?

You may have heard the term landscape gardener, but when it comes to gardening what’s the difference? Well, a landscape gardener is involved in all aspects of design, from the initial groundworks and layout to the final arrangements and finishing touches. A landscape gardener, however, would rarely be involved in the actual potting and planting, this is where a gardener would come in. They would take over all aspects of maintenance, growth and development in order to see the garden flourish to its full potential.

Best Landscaping tools

When the hand tools just aren’t…well, cutting it, it’s time to bring out the landscaping tools, these include:

Tips for buying professional gardening tools

While it’s always nice to grab yourself a bargain, it’s worth remembering that gardening equipment is an investment. A good set of professional gardening tools can last a lifetime with proper care. Plus if you want the best results then you deserve the best tools, so with that in mind, let’s run through some helpful tips on what to look out for.

How to care for your professional gardening tools

As tempting as it may be to down tools and leave after a busy day, it’s worth noting that with a little care each day your tools can last a lifetime. Follow these simple steps to keep them at their best: