Buying Body-Only

Last updated: January 25, 2023

Are Body-Only Tools Right For You?

At Toolden we aim to offer a wide range of power tools and the accessories that go with them. Our most popular category of cordless power tools is our Body-Only tools. Here we will breakdown exactly what Body-Only tools are, what benefits they have and if they are right for you!

What are Body-Only tools?

Quite simply body-only tools are cordless power tools that are supplied without a battery or a charger. It is simply the body and inner workings of the tool. Occasionally they will be accompanied with some accessories or a carry case. All of the big power tool brands now offer body-only variations of tools as there are many occasions where paying extra for a battery is not necessary.

Benefits of Body-Only tools

Cost: Body-only tools are much cheaper than buying tools supplied with a battery. This makes them far more appealing if you already have the battery you need to power it.

Platform: Manufacturers make their tools to work across their battery platform without any issues. The compatibility of being able to use a Makita battery for all of your Makita cordless tools or a Dewalt battery for all of your Dewalt tools means you can keep adding to which ever platform you prefer to use.

Rotation: You might have tools which are only used on occasion, if this is the case there is no point it sitting around plugged into a useable battery. Having the ability to rotate your batteries across all of your tools is an appealing factor to going body-only.

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Is Body-Only For You?

It’s a question only you know the answer to but one that shouldn’t be too difficult to work out. If you have more batteries than cordless tools then it’s a no-brainer to buy body-only. If you have tools you only use now and again then it makes sense to buy body-only and rotate your batteries. If you want to keep the weight down in your tool kit bag then save yourself from carrying unnecessary batteries to every job. Think about what works best for you!

Best place for Body-Only?

If you’re looking for a Makita kit then we’ve created the best tool you could ask for to make up your own tool kit and select how many body-only tools you want and how many batteries you will need. Check it out here –


If you’re browsing our Cordless Power Tool section, you’ll see we’ve added a filter option for selecting the Body Type (Body-Only or with batteries)

If you’re really unsure what is best for you then don’t hesitate to get in touch and send us a message on our contact form –