Buying Guide: Pressure Washers

When it comes to cleaning dirt, grime and debris from surfaces, pressure washers are some of the most effective tools out there. You’ve probably seen them being used for washing cars, cleaning patios, or spraying exterior walls. These fantastic machines are able to shoot powerful jets of water to clean surfaces quickly and easily – and much more effectively than a garden hose!

However, if you’re looking for a new pressure washer it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wide range of models and different options available! So to help you find the best option for you, in this guide we’ll cover the different types of pressure washers, what to consider when choosing your pressure washer, and our top picks.

Electric vs Petrol Pressure Washers

One of the very first and most crucial factors to consider when choosing a petrol washer is how it will be powered. There are two choices for power supply in a pressure washer – electric or petrol powered.

Electric Pressure Washers

By far the most common type, electric pressure washers are often affordable, compact and lightweight – making them ideal for a range of tasks around the home and garden.

While they may not be quite as powerful as their petrol counterparts, they are much more convenient and simple to use. As they run off mains electricity all you need to do is plug it in and you’re off! Electric pressure washers are comfortable to use and don’t require expensive, time consuming maintenance like petrol models might.

Petrol Pressure Washers

Petrol pressure washers typically provide much higher pressure, power ratings, and flow rate. They can also be used for longer periods of time, don’t require a constant power supply, and can even use hot water to tackle the most challenging cleaning jobs. Petrol models are best suited for heavy-duty commercial and industrial industries such as construction and agriculture.

However as they are powered by petrol they require constant refuelling and maintenance which isn’t cheap – on top of the already higher price tag. Since they are more powerful they’re also heavier and louder than electric models, and they also emit greenhouse gases when in operation.

Sealey PW3500

Electric Pressure Washer

Sealey PWM1300

Petrol Pressure Washer

What to consider when buying a pressure washer

When choosing which pressure washer to go for, it’s helpful to look out for some of the most important features and benefits you can get from your washer.


Pressure, measured in bars, is essentially the force at which the water is expelled from the machine. The higher the pressure, the easier it will be to remove tougher or thicker layers of dirt and grime. Generally high bar pressure over 120 bars is ideal for concrete or paving, while lower pressures are best for more delicate surfaces like finishes and paintwork.

Flow Rate

Flow rate, measured in litres per hour, indicates the volume of water that your pressure washer uses. A higher flow rate generally means that you’ll be able to get the job finished more quickly, so in most cases you’ll want to look for as high a flow rate as possible!

Power Rating

The power rating, measured in watts (W), essentially indicates how powerful the pressure washer is. This is inherently linked to the pressure and flow rate – you’ll never find a high wattage pressure washer with low pressure and flow rate! More powerful models will of course be more expensive, but will make quick work of stubborn dirt and grime.

Hose Length

Hoses on pressure washers can come in a variety of different lengths, so you should consider this before making a decision. If you’re working at a distance from the water supply then you might want to choose a longer hose to reach.

Accessories and extra features

It’s worth also checking what useful accessories and extras are included, to help you get the most out of your pressure washer. There are a large variety of different attachments, so you should consider which ones would be most helpful at dealing with the tasks you intend to use your pressure washer for.


Different lances can be attached to the hose in order to extend the reach or change the pattern of the water stream. Many of these feature variable pressure triggers, so that you can change the power of the water jet by twisting the nozzle.


A variety of attachments are available for pressure washers, designed to help deal with specific cleaning tasks. Brushes are great for dealing with tough dirt on sensitive surfaces, while patio cleaners are ideal for tackling flat surfaces like decking and patios. Foam nozzles are also perfect for helping to apply detergent when cleaning surfaces like cars.


Many different types of detergents are available for when you need a little bit of extra help cleaning tough grime and muck. Detergents have specific formulas which are very effective at penetrating dirt as well as protecting the surface you’re cleaning.


Some pressure washers include onboard storage for attachments, accessories and other extras. If you’re short on storage space and want to keep all of your tools close by while you’re working, then this is definitely something to look out for!

Our Top Picks

Now that we’ve covered what to look for when choosing a pressure washer, let’s get into our top picks for the best pressure washers out there.

Karcher K2 Pressure Washer

The Karcher K2 is one of the best all round electric pressure washers available. Ideal for dealing with stubborn dirt on outdoor surfaces like patios, brickwork and walls, the Karcher K2 had a lightweight and compact yet sturdy design.

Makita HW101/2 Compact Pressure Washer

The Makita HW101/2 is a great domestic power washer, ideal for use on driveways, patios and card. Lightweight and affordable, it’s perfect for smaller jobs around the house and garden, with the electric motor delivering 100 bar of water pressure.

Hyundai HYW1900E Pressure Washer

The Hyundai HYW1900E is a high pressure midrange electric pressure washer with an excellent flow rate and accessory bundle. Offering 145 bar of pressure with a flow rate of 6.5L per minute, the HYW1900E easily handles any task around the home or garden like washing cars, decking, furniture and stonework.

Draper 98679 Pressure Washer

The Draper 98679 is a professional, heavy-duty pressure washer that’s ideal for trade professionals and contractors. With 195 bar of pressure and a powerful brushless motor, this pressure washer can handle long sessions on the job site. The sturdy stainless steel components help prolong the life of the machine, with a long 8m hose for better reach.

Hyundai HYW3000P2 Petrol Pressure Washer

The Hyundai HYW3000P2 is a heavy-duty pressure washer powered by a 210cc 4-stroke petrol engine. Suitable for trade work, this pressure washer is capable of handling the very toughest of cleaning jobs with ease – delivering a huge 2800psi of pressure and a flow rate of 8.75L/min

At Toolden we offer a wide range of electric and petrol pressure washers to suit a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

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