​Cordless Angle Grinders for Sale? How to choose the best Angle Grinders

Last updated: February 20, 2023

Did you come across an angle grinder on sale and you’re not sure if it’s the best choice for you? Or maybe you want to learn whether cordless angle grinders are powerful enough to replace your corded grinder? Hoping to answer all of your questions, we’ll have a look at some aspects to consider before buying a new grinder!

Angle Grinder Size

Smaller Grinders are a popular choice due to their increased manoeuvrability and light design, allowing them to be used in tight spaces for various jobs, which is why mini angle grinders are popular with DIY’ers and professionals. However, if you require it for building applications, the 9 inch grinder is best choice for cutting through slabs or concrete.

The size of the grinder is usually based on application and compatibility of  discs, meaning that if you choose a 115mm/4 ½“Grinder this will allow the use of 115mm discs, as recommended for maximum safety and power tool efficiency!

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Angle Grinders are some of the most versatile power tools! Available in different sizes (some of you might know the most popular 4 inch angle grinders, which are in fact 4 ½” / 115 angle grinders, or the 9 inch angle grinders) their design allows the user to change the attachments and perform many applications, ranging from cutting through steel and concrete, to polishing and removing rust and more!

Cutting bars, rods and bolts

Also known as Metal Grinders or Grinder Cutters, for their efficiency and performance, angle grinders will allow you to cut through metal, including: rebar, pipes or just rusty old bolts. This is facilitated by changing the blade with a compatible metal cutting disc giving you the fastest cuts.

Concrete, stones and tiles

Even though most professional users have specific tools for the job in their sets, including cut off saws or tile cutters, an angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade will not only save on time in switching between tools, but will also offer increased manoeuvrability while cutting through concrete, marble, tiles, stones and much more!

Grinding and Sharpening

If you wish to restore sharp edges to your hand toolsaxes or shovels, the grinding attachment will do the job! Even though sharpening stones or sharpening tools are quite efficient, angle grinders tend to be faster…might have to do with the 5000+ RPM?!

Metal Cleaning

Hand Grinders will allow you to perform a variety of metal cleaning jobs by using wire wheels & wire cup brush attachments. The wire wheels can be used for paint removal or deburring, while the wire cup brush will make it the perfect die grinder for removing paint or rust from flat surfaces.

Preparation and Polishing

With the use of abrasive and sanding discs, the angle grinder will allow you to perform sanding and polishing jobs on different surface types, varying from cleaning up metal surfaces, to working on delicate surfaces and much more!

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Corded VS Cordless Angle Grinders

As is the case with all Power Tools, deciding on whether you should buy a corded or cordless angle grinder is strongly dependent on the use! You can learn more about the pros and cons of both corded and cordless power tools. HERE

If you are a professional user, and you spend most of you days on the building site, then you would have to choose the 110v since regulations don’t allow the use of 240v on building site. However, if you are usually doing domestic jobs or DIY, the 240V is recommended, eliminating the need of using a power generator. Same story for DIY users, since the majority of household have 240v powered mains.

Nowadays, cordless power tools are becoming more and more popular and in truth they deserve it! The technology used in the newest cordless angle grinders allows for the same power output as the corded ones, with the benefit of cordless design, therefore maximum manoeuvrability! Not only that but you get a compact power tool to use in tight spaces, but you can also take it outside or in remote areas where you don’t usually benefit from a power supply!


The bigger the tool the more power you get! Which is why they come in different sizes ranging from 4 ½ “ to 9” to cover the most precise grinding to heavy duty applications. Compared to other power tools Angle Grinders return more RPM which is why you need to take additional safety measures. Check our PPE 

The wheel guard is one of the key components, protecting the user from accidentally touching the wheels, while at the same time protecting from all the debris ejected from usage. While some cheap angle grinders mechanisms are usually adjusted with the help of a screwdriver, whereas the newest and heavy-duty models feature a keyless design. 

Another important element is the side handle, allowing the user full control during operation. Nowadays, most hand grinders feature interchangeable handles, accommodating for left handed and right handed users.

Other features you might want to be interest in would include:

Whether you’re looking for a mini angle grinder or 9 inch grinder, there is a large variety of corded and cordless angle grinders available to choose from  DeWaltMakitaBoschMilwaukeePanasonicMetaboHikoki and so much more! Check our whole range HERE