​Cordless or Corded Power Tools? Which ones are better?

Last updated: February 20, 2023

Ever since cordless power tools have gained popularity, there has been a lot of debate whether or not they are powerful enough for professional use, or cost effective for DIY jobs. This is why we have decided do a brief comparison and let you decide!

Cordless Power Tools

Increased Manoeuvrability

Battery operated power tools offer more manoeuvrability due to their cordless design. Whether you are planning on using a cordless combi drill or circular saw for outdoor or indoor applications, you will no longer have to worry about keeping close to a power socket or looking to buy an extension cable long enough to reach the back of your garden.


In more recent times the difference in price between cordless and corded power tools has become almost non existent, at the same time the range of cordless tools available has widened and all brands have added the cordless options to their catalogue.

Designed for both DIY and professional use, world wide brands such as: DeWalt, Makita, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Einhell all now have a complete ranges of cordless power tools, making sure that any project can be completed with these as an option.

Not only price difference, but also power!

It is so easy to find the right tool, and with options from 10.8v through 18v or right up to the newest 54v li-ion batteries you can now enjoy the same power output as you would do on a corded piece of equipment! You can relax now, and stop worrying about using 110v power transformers. Not only will they return an incredible performance, but these Li-Ion Flexvolt batteries can hold their power for hours, allowing to get the any job done. They are also compatible with other DeWalt XR tools, giving you the liberty to change them at your convenience.

Storage and Maintenance

Since you don’t have to worry about which way is better to wrap your power tool wire anymore, it is much easier to store your equipment. You would just need to make sure that your batteries are used and charged frequently, for maintaining their performance over time. At the same time, your power tools can go back in their boxes until the next job. Or you can store and keep them all well organized together, since there are so many Power Tools Bags and Boxes available. Have a look at our Stanley Tool Boxes

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Corded Power Tools

Constant Power

When it comes to corded power tools, they benefit of a permanent power connection, giving you the liberty to use them for as long as you want without having to worry about having the batteries charged. Also their performance will be constant throughout their use which is quite advantageous compared to the cordless versions, which will depend on their battery power and charge. With constant power and torque, corded power tools are the perfect choice for indoor applications.


Despite the benefit of a consistent power source, storing the tools might take a little more effort. Since you would need to think about wrapping their wires effectively and without causing damage. The will however be worth it after finishing a demanding job. After all, the more you care for your tools the more they’ll return!


Back in the early days, you would see a massive price difference between Corded and Cordless Tools, however nowadays, that difference is considerably smaller. It may still be a good investment to get a corded piece since you don’t have to worry about buying batteries and chargers. So whether you are looking to buy a new drill, grinder or any other power tool, they come in either 240v or 110v. Due to the legal on site requirements, 110v is quite a popular choice which means you would also need to consider buying a transformer, while for outdoor jobs a power generator could benefit all the DIYers working from their sheds.

Looking back at all the facts, both corded and cordless power tools offer benefits depending on the job and user. The only decisive factors are based on the user preference and application. If you are looking to use it across indoor and outdoor jobs a cordless power tool will give you a better flexibility, while if you are trying to do inside drilling for example, a powerful corded sds hammer drill will be your best choice!

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