DeWalt DCW604 Brushless Router Release

Last updated: May 10, 2024

The DeWalt DCW604 is a compact router with a fixed base and a plunge base. It’s known for its versatility and performance, suitable for a range of woodworking tasks from shaping edges to cutting grooves. With variable speed control and a powerful motor, it offers precision and power in a portable package. The dual LED lights ensure visibility in dimly lit workspaces, while the soft start feature helps reduce startup torque for enhanced control. Overall, it’s a popular choice among both DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers for its reliability and functionality.

What makes DeWalt DCW604 so Special?


The DeWalt DCW604 an 18V Cordless Router is compatible with all of DeWalt 18V XR or Flexvolt 18v/54v Batteries. The improved compact and cordless design makes this tool perfect for trimming & routing and many other wood working applications across, building jobs, furniture making, carpentry etc. 

Brushless Motor Technology

Since the Brushless Motor Technology is a must have nowadays, DeWalt has incorporated this into the DCW604, allowing for extended runtime and life span of your power tools. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about replacing the carbon bushes anymore as well as that you can also feel the improved quality complemented by the all-metal design!

Dual LED

The inclusion of Dual LED Illumination on the DCW604 proves invaluable, especially when navigating challenging work environments. This feature ensures optimal visibility during operation, even in the toughest conditions, enhancing user efficiency and safety. With maximum visibility guaranteed, the DCW604 empowers users to tackle demanding tasks with confidence, delivering precise results in any work setting.

Soft Start

The motor’s Soft-start feature incorporates full-time electronic feedback, ensuring consistent motor speed throughout operations. This advanced functionality not only enhances precision but also offers greater control over the tool’s performance. By maintaining optimal motor speed, the DCW604 enables users to execute tasks with heightened accuracy and confidence, delivering professional results with ease.

Adjustment Ring & Clamping Mechanism

This innovative feature eliminates concerns, providing enhanced control over bit depth adjustment like never before. The depth ring, coupled with the clamping mechanism, guarantees the motor’s steadfast position during operation. With this assurance, users can confidently adjust and maintain the desired bit depth, ensuring precise and consistent performance throughout their tasks.

Spindle Lock Button & Multiple Shaft Lock Detents

The DCW604 boasts a generously sized Spindle Lock Button, facilitating the most comfortable and straightforward single wrench bit changes. This convenience is further enhanced by the presence of multiple shaft lock detents, ensuring secure and hassle-free transitions between accessories. With these features working seamlessly together, users can effortlessly switch out bits with minimal effort, optimising productivity and workflow efficiency.

Spring-loaded release tabs & Extended Sub Base

For unparalleled ease of use, the DCW604 features spring-loaded release tabs, enabling swift and effortless base removal—a standout feature in the market. Additionally, its extended sub base offers users enhanced control and improved contact with the working surface, ensuring precise and effective operation. With these design elements combined, users can expect seamless tool handling and superior performance, making the DCW604 a top choice for demanding woodworking tasks.

How to use a DeWalt Router DCW604

Using a DeWalt Router DCW604 involves several steps to ensure safe and effective operation. Before you start, thoroughly read the user manual provided by DeWalt. This will familiarise you with the router’s features, safety instructions, and operational procedures.

Setup and Safety Precautions

Power On and Speed Adjustment

Routing Operation

Depth Adjustment

Shutdown and Maintenance

DeWalt DCW604NT 18V XR Brushless 1/4″ Router with Base (Body Only)

DeWalt  18V XR Brushless 1/4" Router with Base (Body Only)

DeWalt DCB184-XJ 18V 5.0Ah XR Lithium-Ion Battery

DeWalt 18V 5.0Ah XR Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Compatible with all DEWALT XR Li-Ion 18V
  • Excellent electrical characteristics
  • LED State of Charge Indicator helps manage pack charging
  • The new DEWALT 5.0Ah XR Li-Ion battery packs will deliver 66% more runtime than a standard 3.0Ah battery pack
  • Protection against overheat, overload and deep discharge conditions increases battery life
  • No memory effect and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity & less downtime
  • Lightweight design provides the user with upgraded 5Ah Power without increasing the size or weight over the 18V 3Ah battery pack

DeWalt DCB116 18V / 54V XR Flexvolt Battery Charger

DeWalt 18V / 54V XR Flexvolt Battery Charger
  • Compatible with all 12V XR, 18V XR and FLEXVOLT Batteries
  • Stage 1 and 2 LED format communicates more to the user about the batteries state of charge
  • Charges a 5.0Ah battery to 80% capacity in under 45 minutes
  • Latching for safe portability with battery installed
  • Through-hole wall mounts
  • 6 Amps output
  • Double-insulated design


How to change a DeWalt Router Bit?

Changing a router bit on a DeWalt router, such as the DCW604, is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

What is DeWalt Router used for?

A DeWalt Router, like any other router, is a versatile power tool primarily used in woodworking. It’s employed for a variety of tasks such as cutting, shaping, and hollowing out areas in wood. Routers can be equipped with different types of bits, allowing for various cuts and designs, from basic edge profiles to intricate joinery. They’re commonly used for tasks like making grooves, dados, rabbets, and decorative edges on wood pieces. Additionally, routers can be used on other materials like plastic and even some metals, depending on the bit and the power of the tool. DeWalt routers are known for their durability, power, and precision, making them popular choices among professionals and hobbyists alike.

What is the difference between the fixed base and plunge base?

The fixed base is suitable for tasks where the router remains stationary and the material is moved against the bit, such as edge profiling and trimming. The plunge base allows the router bit to be lowered into the material while the base remains stable, making it ideal for tasks requiring precise cutting depths, such as mortising and dado cutting.

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