Everything You Need To Know About Drill Bits

Last updated: January 30, 2023

Knowing what drill bit to use and when to use it means you’ll be well equipped to tackle the project correctly the first time. With so many different types of drill bits available however, this can be confusing. Understanding which drill bits are suited for which tasks will go a long way towards ensuring your project is successful.

In this blog post we’ll be explaining the features of a drill bit, the different types of drill bits available, and when you should use them.

Drill Bit Features

A drill bit might look like a very simple tool but a great deal of design and engineering goes into its construction.

To break it down into simple terms, let’s go over each part of a drill bit and what it does:

Drill Bit Size

Drill bits come in many different shapes and sizes to suit different applications, with some being more suited to cutting certain materials than others. It’s important to choose a drill bit based on the size of the hole you wish to make, and the materials you will be cutting through. The size of a drill bit has a significant impact on the accuracy, depth and shape of the hole your drill will make.

Most drill bits come with 3 standard measurement that you should consider:

Once you have an idea what size of drill bit you’re looking for, you might want to consider the material and finish for your drill bit. Depending on the project, it can make a world of difference.

Drill Bit Materials & Finishes

Steel Bits – Inexpensive and good for softwoods. Will dull quickly with hardwood and even break.

Carbide Tipped Bits – More expensive than the previous bits but will stay sharper longer than any of them.

Titanium Coated Bits – Cost more than High-Speed Steel, but this is a tougher material and will stay sharper longer.

High-Speed Steel Bits – Harder than steel blades and will stay sharper slightly longer.

Cobalt Bits – Extremely hard and great for applications with heat build up because it dissipates the heat. Good for Stainless Steel and other metals.

Now let’s take a look at the different types of drill bits.

Drill Bit Types

There are dozens of different types of drill bits for every application imaginable, so in this buying guide we’re going to cover only the most popular drill bits that you might have a use for.


Twist Bit

Our Pick: N-Durance 25 Piece Ground Polished Twist Drill Bit Set

Twist bits are the most common drill bits around, and are generally used for drilling into material like wood, plastic, and light metal.


Brad Point Bit

Our Pick: Sealey AK3715W Brad Point Wood Drill Bit Set 15pc

Brad point bits are best suited for drilling into wood. The added point at the end helps ensure the bit stays in place while you drill, and the extra wide flutes help to remove wood more efficiently.


Flat/spade Drill bit

Our Pick: Bahco BAH9629SET8 9629 Series Flat Bit Set 8 Piece

These drill bits are slightly more uncommon but can drill large holes to adjustable widths from ¾” to 3”.


Augur Drill bits

Our Pick: Makita P-46464 5 Piece 200mm Performance Auger Drill Set

Augur drill bits are primarily for wood boring and feature very large flutes to help remove more wood material.


Masonry Drill bits

Our Pick: Sealey AK3717TCM HSS/Masonry Drill Bit Set 17pc

Used with a hammer drill or rotary drill, masonry drill bits come in variable sizes and are used to drill into concrete or masonry.

Bluespot Drill Bits

Countersink Drill bits

Our Pick: BlueSpot Tools B/S20310 Countersink Bit Set 3 Piece

A Countersink drill bit, also known as a screw pilot bit, is a specialty drill bit used for drilling into wood. This bit can drill pilot, countersink, and counterbore holes in a single action.


Step Drill Bits

Our Pick: Faithfull FAISDSET3 HSS Step Drill Bit Set of 3 4-30mm

Step drill bits are intended primarily for drilling through thin metal, but will also work with wood surfaces. The stepped design allows you to drill holes of different diameters, with the same drill bit.


Hole Saws

Our Pick: N-Durance M42 Bi-Metal Holesaw (16mm)

Hole saws drill large holes through wooden and light metal surfaces, typically to install door hardware or create an entrance for wiring. The cylindrical design also allows for easy disposal of the waste material.

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