Looking to buy the best power tools for your DIY Project?

Last updated: March 28, 2022

How to choose the best power tools for your DIY Project

Whether you are building a shed, conservatory, log cabin or making use of your loft, we’ve made a short list of what could be of good use.

Focusing on a wood-based project, it’s always smart to start from the beginning, in this case the Wood; while being well equipped with an Internet Connection and a positive attitude! Due to our very progressing evolution, building something from scratch should be a little bit easier than ever before. With the right DIY Power Tools & Electric Equipment, you can ease the process and get the best aesthetic results, while at the same time diminishing all the risk involved.

Considering that you wouldn’t go out there in the woods and start on cutting down trees, (unless you have permission, in which case we can recommend some tools) you would start with processed wood. However even so, further finishing and modifications are required based on each project depending on the available space, design, dimensions or personal preference.

The first stage would involve wood cutting, which can be effortlessly done by using either electrical Mitre Saws or Chop Saws for an increased precision, while the Jigsaws offer a better manoeuvrability. And since we are concentrating on wood work, there was a small company dedicating their resources on engineering Wood Power Tools ever since 1925. Not so small nowadays, since they are operating worldwide.

Focused on the wood processing equipment, in 1927 Festool has made a massive contribution to the industry by pioneering the First Transportable Chainsaw, followed by the SB 126 portable circular saw and many more.

Now, that might look a little bit outdated however in our luck they didn’t stop there. Decades of engineering have pushed them into producing new products addressing all the DIY needs and beyond.

Focusing on your sawing and cutting needs, Festool has a wide range of power tools, including:

Mitre Saws

The Festool Kapex Mitre Saw could prove to be a good investment, which will provide with all the power required for any wood work, while at the same time minimising the material cost, being the perfect electrical tool for precise and angled sawing & cutting!

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Circular Saws

At the same time, the Festool Circular Saws are more versatile, offering more manoeuvrability due to their innovative design. These saws are ideal for mostly any time of material, including masonry & tiles.

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Plunge Saws

A more modern version would be the Festool Plunge Saw, also known as Festool Track Saws, which has a slightly different design by having the cutting blade integrated into the machine, allowing to change the cutting depth, while at the same time allowing it to run on the track.

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The Festool Jigsaw offers a little bit more flexibility due to its compact design and size, capable for a large range of cuts: long, straight curved and even cut out centres of the panels or materials.

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Now that we gained a little bit more knowledge into some of the Electrical Tools available for Wood Cutting and Sawing, Drilling plays a very important role in any building job.

As a result, we are keeping confident that Festool can provide with the most accurate drilling results with their DIY tools including Electric and Cordless Drills:

Festool Drill &Screwdrivers (Cordless)

Having an ergonomic design, the Festool Cordless Drills offers quick results thanks to their comfortable grip and light weight, which will never let you down. Either working on you shed, log cabin or up in your loft, with Festool you have got an exceptional pierce of equipment in your hand, thanks to its cordless function which will last you good hours of hard work.

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Last, but not least you would want to make your partner happy by keeping the place nice and tidy, which is where Festool Vacuum & Festool Dust Extractors could make you best ally

Festool Vacuums & Festool Dust Extractors

The Festool Mobile Extractors are some of the best electrical tools designed to keep your working area clean and dust free. Thanks to its compact design and light weight it is perfect for being carried around while at the same time returning a maximum economic efficiency. Moreover, for all the outdoor jobs, Festool have introduced a great system, LevelStop which shuts down the Dust Extractor in the event that water is absorbed.

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