NEW Milwaukee M18 FPS55 55mm Plunge Saw Release

Last updated: January 23, 2024
M18 FPS55 55mm Plunge Saw

Milwaukee’s new M18 FPS55 FUEL™ 18V brushless 55mm plunge saw is ideal for cutting through wood and plastic. It has the portability of a cordless saw, but the precision and high-quality cuts that a plunge saw requires. It can cut 45 metres of 18 mm plywood on a single 5.5 Ah battery charge and rip cut at the same feed rate as an equivalent AC circular saw.

The M18 FPS5 has two scales, one for on and one for off the rail, that are easily adjustable with a single button. It’s easier than ever to cut very close to a wall with a blade only 12mm from the guard’s outer edge. The saw is compatible with the DEK26 dust collection system and provides over 90% dust collection with a bag.

M18 FPS55 FUEL™ Plunge Saw Features

M18 FPS55 55mm Plunge Saw
M18 FPS55 55mm Plunge Saw

M18 FPS55 FUEL™ Plunge Saw Specification

The M18 FPS55 provides a lot of power while remaining portable and simple to use. This incredible plunge saw has a 165mm blade diameter and a maximum cutting depth of 59mm. It is guide rail compatible, allowing you to make precise cuts wherever you need them. When making cuts, a cutline ‘window’ on the side of the saw allows the user to see the front of the blade. The scoring stop feature allows for a 1mm back cut in the workpiece, reducing chipping and splintering in laminated materials.

  • Bevel Capacity (°): -1 – 48
  • Blade Diameter (mm): 165
  • Bore Size (mm): 20
  • Max. Cutting Depth (mm): 59
  • Max. Cutting Depth 0°/45°/48° (mm): 59/ 44
  • Max. Cutting Depth 45° (mm): 44
  • Max. Cutting Depth with Guide Rail 0°/45°/48° (mm): 55/ 42
  • No Load Speed (RPM): 2500 – 5600
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage (V): 18
  • Wight with Battery Pack (EPTA) (kg): 4.9 (M18 HB5.5)
  • Sound Power Level (LWA)(DB(A)): 103.4
  • Sound Power Level Uncertainty (DB(A)): 3
  • Sound Pressure Level (LPA)(DB(A)): 92.4
  • Sound Pressure Level Uncertainty (DB(A)): 3
  • Vibration Cutting Wood (m/s²): 0.56
  • Vibration Cutting Wood Uncertainty (m/s²): 1.5
M18 FPS55 55mm Plunge Saw

Who is this for? What can it be used for?

This saw is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. It is lightweight and simple to use, and its advanced dust collection system, with over 90% dust collection, allows you to keep your shop or home clean and tidy with minimal effort. It is designed to cut through wood and plastic, and with a cutting line of only 12mm from the guard’s outer edge, it is ideal for expansion joints in wooden floors or trimming doors on the spot.

M18 FPS55 Fuel plunge saw cutting through wooden floor
M18 FPS55 Fuel plunge saw cutting through wood

See it in action!

The M18 Milwaukee Plunge Saw comes in a PACKOUT™ XL box compatible with the Milwaukee PACKOUT™ modular storage system. It is available as a body-only tool or with two 18V 5.5Ah HIGH OUTPUT™ batteries and a charger.