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Man trimming weeds with brush cutter
Garden Equipment and Machinery List

March 29, 2019

Whether you are an enthusiast or not, maintaining a garden requires of lot of effort and dedication! Are you in the gardening/landscaping business, or are you just looking for gardening tips and ideas? If you’re not too sure of whether you need an electric or petrol mower, or maybe you are unsure if the tools used are appropriate for your needs, we decided to put together a garden power tool list!

Reciprocating saw being used on wooden block
Buying Reciprocating Saws? Corded Or Cordless, Recip Saw Or Sawsall

March 25, 2019

With so many terms referring to the same tool, Reciprocating Saws, Recip Saws or Sabre Saw, it is quite easy to get confused, which is why we’ll be looking at what they are, and what benefit they bring to the user.

DeWalt Cordless Sander DCW210N 18V XR Review

March 21, 2019

Hope you all liked our recent review of the DeWalt Cordless Router DCW604, because we are ready to look at another addition to the 18v XR Brushless Range, the DeWalt Cordless Sander DCW210N-XJ 125mm, which has become available to the UK market as of April 2019. Order Yours Here

DeWalt DCW604 Brushless Router Release

March 13, 2019

Since there has been a long wait for a DeWalt Cordless Router, it will all be over soon with the UK release date being set for the end of March 2019, which is why we made it available for pre-orders here: Dewalt DCW604

impact drivers from makita, panasonic, hikoki, dewalt, milwaukee
How to Choose the Best Impact Driver in 2024

March 12, 2019

Are you looking to buy the Best Impact Driver for the job? With their compact design and high torque settings Impact Drivers have become some of the most versatile Power Tools.

Collated screw gun being operated
Collated Screw Guns – Buying Guide

February 28, 2019

Whether you’re thinking of replacing your old screwdriver or looking for the easiest way to screw into plasterboard or drywall, we will have a look at several aspects to take into consideration before buying a Collated Screw Gun, also known as Drywall Screw Drivers.

Plasterer tradesman
Drywall or Plasterboard?

February 22, 2019

With a variety of sizes (the most common being 8ft x 4 ft sheets – 2400cm x 1200cm with a ½” – 12.5 mm thickness) and types (standard, mold or moisture resistant and fire resistant) drywall is one of the most cost-effective solutions for construction and renovation applications.

Combi drill resting in tool case
​Cordless or Corded Power Tools? Which ones are better?

February 11, 2019

Ever since cordless power tools have gained popularity, there has been a lot of debate whether or not they are powerful enough for professional use, or cost effective for DIY jobs. This is why we have decided do a brief comparison and let you decide!

Bundle of tech screws
​​Tek Screws or Tech Screws? What are they and how to use them?

February 1, 2019

Tek Screws, Tech Screws or Self Drilling Screws are only a few names the industry uses. We’ve noticed a lot of confusion and questions around this subject, so we figured out that it is only fair to do some research and give you a better understanding of this product.

Illbruck sealant being used on window
Which is the Best Expanding Foam to Buy in 2024?

January 24, 2019

Good expanding foam insulation will do miracles for your house, no matter the weather conditions. Not only that it will keep the wind from blowing through each hole of your home, but it will also help in keeping the heating levels stable and reduce your energy consumption.

Laser level being used in work site
Choosing the Best Laser Level in 2024

January 18, 2019

With many brands out there, laser levels types, and so many other features and technical specifications, it is increasingly becoming more and more challenging to choose the right tool for your needs. Is it a Rotary Line Level, Cross Line Level, Self-Levelling Level? Even more confusion around the subject!

Person marking out measurements on wood
Looking to buy the best power tools for your DIY Project?

January 10, 2019

Due to our very progressing evolution, building something from scratch should be a little bit easier than ever before. With the right DIY Power Tools & Electric Equipment, you can ease the process and get the best aesthetic results, while at the same time diminishing all the risk involved.