Top 5 Makita Tool Set Innovations for 2024

Last updated: June 6, 2024

Makita has earned a respected reputation for innovation in the power tool industry over a century. Their commitment to research and development has led to unique technologies, including efficient cordless battery systems, anti-vibration features, and advanced filtration systems, enhancing performance, user experience, and versatility.

Staying updated with tool technologies improves performance, efficiency, and access to cutting-edge features, attracting customers and enhancing a business’s reputation. It also ensures user comfort, safety, and reduced fatigue.

Additionally, keeping up with innovations can lead to cost savings and improved profitability through streamlined processes and increased productivity. In summary, Makita’s dedication to innovation empowers professionals and enthusiasts alike and staying current with tool technologies is key to unlocking these benefits.

Makita Innovations in 2024

In 2024, Makita will continue its legacy of innovation with a range of cutting-edge tool releases and technological advancements.

Advanced Battery Technology

Battery InnovationDescription
Optimised Lithium-Ion Battery TechnologyMakita has revolutionised lithium-ion battery technology through optimised cell design and chemistry, resulting in batteries with higher amp-hour ratings. These advancements provide longer tool runtime and improved performance, enabling users to tackle demanding tasks confidently.
Rapid Optimum ChargingMakita’s Rapid Optimum Charger significantly reduces charging times, maximising battery longevity and the charging cycle. The charger monitors important battery parameters, including temperature, voltage, and current, to ensure fast and safe charging and keeps batteries in use for longer periods.
Active 3 ControlsActive 3 Controls enhance the charging process by facilitating communication between the battery and charger. This technology efficiently manages and monitors current, voltage, and temperature during charging, ensuring fast and safe charging while preserving battery integrity for long-term use.
High-Capacity BatteriesMakita offers high-capacity batteries, such as the 8.0Ah battery, which provides extended runtime for demanding tasks. These batteries deliver higher output power, making them suitable for power-intensive tools and prolonged use. They enhance productivity and reduce downtime on the job site.
Smart Charging SystemMakita’s smart chargers feature a built-in chip that communicates with the battery, optimising charging by regulating current, voltage, and temperature. The chargers ensure efficient charging to maximise battery uptime, while integrated fans improve efficiency and battery health for long-lasting performance.
Star ProtectionMakita’s Star Protection feature improves the performance and safety of power tools by allowing real-time communication between the battery and the tool. It monitors temperature to prevent overheating and avoids overloading, ensuring safe operation. Star Protection also limits over-discharge to increase battery life, maintaining reliable tool performance and consistent power delivery.
LXT Cordless System ExpansionMakita continually expands its 18V LXT cordless system, offering a wide range of tools that share the same battery platform. This versatility allows users to power multiple tools with a single battery system, reducing costs and providing convenience. The expansion enhances fastening control and precision, ensuring efficient and precise performance across various applications.
Always prioritise safety when using Makita Tool Sets.

Smart Tools

Makita’s new line of smart tools represents a significant leap forward in power tools, merging cutting-edge technology with practical functionality to enhance user experience and productivity. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Makita’s smart tool set so ground-breaking:

Smart Tool FeatureDescription
AWS (Auto-Start Wireless System)Makita’s smart tools feature Bluetooth, allowing seamless smartphone and tablet communication. This enables users to monitor and control their tools remotely, adjusting settings, checking battery levels, or receiving alerts from a distance.
Tool Tracking FunctionalityMakita’s smart tools come with integrated tool-tracking functionality, utilising GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of tools in real-time. This feature is particularly valuable on large job sites where tools may be scattered across various locations, eliminating the frustration of misplaced or lost equipment.
Seamless App IntegrationMakita’s smart tools are designed to work seamlessly with the accompanying mobile app, a central hub for managing and monitoring all connected devices. The app allows users to access a wide range of information, including tool usage history, maintenance reminders, and firmware updates. Its intuitive interface facilitates easy navigation and customisation of settings to suit individual preferences.
Remote Control and MonitoringWith Makita’s smart tools, users can remotely control and monitor their devices via smartphone screens. Whether starting a tool, adjusting speed or torque settings, or receiving notifications about maintenance requirements, users have full control even when they are miles away from the job site, eliminating the need to be physically present for effective tool operation.
Real-Time Performance DataMakita’s smart tools provide valuable insights into tool performance through real-time data tracking, including power output and temperature levels. Users can monitor key metrics to ensure optimal performance and prevent potential issues before they arise, empowering them to make informed decisions and maximise the efficiency and longevity of their tools.
Enhanced Job Site EfficiencyBy harnessing the power of connectivity and data, Makita’s smart tools improve job site efficiency and productivity. By remotely managing tools, tracking their whereabouts, and accessing performance data, users can streamline workflows, minimise downtime, and ultimately complete tasks faster and more effectively, contributing to overall project success.
Always prioritise safety when using Makita Tool Sets.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Makita’s commitment to user comfort and ergonomic design sets their tools apart, ensuring that professionals and enthusiasts can work efficiently and comfortably for extended periods. Here’s how Makita achieves enhanced ergonomics in their tool designs:

Ergonomic FeatureDescription
Optimised Grip PositionsMakita meticulously engineers grip positions for maximum comfort and control, minimising strain and fatigue during prolonged use. Users can maintain a secure grip without discomfort, enhancing productivity and safety.
AVT (Anti-Vibration Technology)Makita integrates vibration reduction technology to mitigate discomfort and fatigue caused by tool vibrations. Dampening vibrations at the source ensure a smoother and more comfortable user experience, allowing for longer periods of use without straining the hands and arms.
Balanced Weight DistributionMakita ensures optimal balance and control by distributing weight evenly throughout the tool. This prevents fatigue-inducing strain on specific muscles and joints, enhancing user comfort during extended periods of use. The balanced design also improves manoeuvrability and precision, facilitating easier handling of various tasks.
Comfortable Handles and GripsMakita incorporates ergonomic handle designs and comfortable grips to enhance user comfort and control, even in challenging working conditions. Soft-grip materials and strategic contours reduce pressure points and provide a secure, non-slip hold. These features contribute to a more pleasant and ergonomic user experience, allowing users to focus on tasks without distractions.
Adjustable FeaturesMakita includes adjustable features such as handles, speed settings, and grip options to accommodate diverse user preferences and ergonomic needs. These customisable features empower users to tailor their tools for optimal comfort and efficiency, ensuring a personalised and ergonomic working experience.
Always prioritise safety when using Makita Tool Sets.

Eco-Friendly Features

Makita showcases its commitment to sustainability with new eco-friendly technologies. Energy-efficient brushless motors reduce power consumption, and recyclable materials are increasingly used across their product lines, contributing to a greener environment.

Makita is dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. It integrates innovative technologies and environmentally conscious designs. A key focus of its efforts is utilising energy-efficient brushless motors, significantly reducing power consumption and resulting in a greener and more sustainable approach.

Eco-Friendly FeatureDescription
Energy-Efficient Brushless MotorsAcross Makita Tool Sets, motors deliver superior performance and longer tool life while consuming less power than traditional brushed motors, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.
Recyclable Materials in Product LinesMakita uses recyclable materials in packaging and tool components to minimise waste and promote a circular economy. This reduces its carbon footprint and encourages responsible consumption and waste management.
Efficient Battery Management SystemsMakita’s tool sets use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with longer lifespans and optimised charging cycles. This reduces the need for disposable batteries and lowers overall energy consumption, contributing to a more eco-friendly power solution.
Low Emission OperationMakita designs tools to operate efficiently with minimal emissions, meeting stringent standards while providing reliable performance. These tools help users reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing power or functionality.
Long-Term Durability and ReliabilityMakita’s commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures their tools are built to last, reducing the frequency of replacements and minimising waste. Withstanding professional use, they provide years of reliable service, reducing the need for premature disposal.
Always prioritise safety when using Makita Tool Sets.

Improved Safety Features

Makita continues to prioritise safety in its latest tool sets, incorporating innovative features to protect users from potential hazards. Here’s how Makita enhances safety in their tools:

Safety FeatureDescription
Automatic Shut-off MechanismsEngage in certain situations to prevent accidents. For example, if excessive heat or strain is detected, overload protection shuts off the motor. Kickback protection stops the blade or bit in case of sudden kickback.
Enhanced Guards and ShieldsIt is integrated into tools to provide an additional layer of protection. Examples include blade guards for circular saws and wheel guards for grinders, which prevent accidental contact with rotating or sharp components.
Advanced Sensors for Hazard DetectionMakita tool sets are designed with advanced safety features, can detect potential hazards and adjust tool operation accordingly. For example, anti-kickback sensors detect sudden changes in movement to prevent kickback incidents. Electronic brake systems apply brakes when the trigger is released.
Improved Ergonomics for Enhanced ControlErgonomic handles and grips give users better control, reducing the risk of slips or mishaps during operation. A well-balanced design enhances manoeuvrability and user comfort.
Comprehensive User Manuals and Safety GuidelinesProvide detailed instructions on proper tool usage, maintenance, and safety precautions. It empowers users with knowledge and promotes a safety culture in the workplace and among DIY enthusiasts.
Always prioritise safety when using Makita Tool Sets.

Advancements in Power, Versatility, and Portability

The latest tool innovations are reshaping the industry with power, efficiency, and versatility. High-efficiency motors and lithium-ion batteries deliver increased power and longer runtimes while reducing energy consumption. Integrated microprocessors optimise performance and longevity. Innovative accessories, including modular systems and specialised attachments, enhance functionality, often with wireless connectivity. Compact designs crafted from advanced materials prioritise comfort and portability. These space-saving solutions cater to professionals in tight spaces or on the move, ensuring maximum productivity and convenience.

Why Stay Updated with the latest Makita releases

The latest tool innovations are reshaping the industry with power, efficiency, and versatility. High-efficiency motors and lithium-ion batteries deliver increased power and longer runtimes while reducing energy consumption. Integrated microprocessors optimise performance and longevity. Innovative accessories, including modular systems and specialised attachments, enhance functionality, often with wireless connectivity. Compact designs crafted from advanced materials prioritise comfort and portability. These space-saving solutions cater to professionals in tight spaces or on the move, ensuring maximum productivity and convenience.

Our Top Sellers in Makita Tool Set Innovations

Makita DK0176G205 40X Max XGT Brushless Impact Driver & Drill Combo Kit with 2x 2.5Ah Batteries

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile combo kit that can handle any drilling and driving task, look no further than the Makita DK0176G205 40X Max XGT Brushless Impact Driver & Drill Combo Kit. This kit includes two of Makita’s most advanced cordless tools: the TD003G Impact Driver and the HP001G Combi Drill, which feature brushless motors that deliver longer runtimes, less maintenance, and better power control. It also includes 2 x 2.5Ah Batteries, 1 x DC40RA 40V XGT Fast Battery Charger, and a Makpac Size 3 Carry Case.

Makita 40X Max XGT Brushless Impact Driver & Drill Combo Kit with 2x 2.5Ah Batteries

Makita DHS783ZJU 18V LXT 190mm AWS Brushless Circular Saw with MAKPAC Type 4 Case 

The Makita DHS783 Brushless Circular Saw features Automatic Torque Drive Technology, which adjusts cutting speed based on load conditions for optimal performance.
This circular saw is constructed with a magnesium die-cast base plate. It enhances precision and durability, improving the blade tip’s visibility for accurate cuts. Safety features include an electric brake and overload warning lamp, enhancing user safety during operation. Furthermore, an integrated LED job light illuminates dark work areas for enhanced visibility.
With the built-in Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS), this circular saw seamlessly connects to compatible dust extractors via Bluetooth®. When the tool is activated, the dust extractor automatically starts, ensuring a cleaner work environment without manual intervention.

Makita 18V LXT 190mm AWS Brushless Circular Saw with MAKPAC Type 4 Case 

Makita DLX2140PTJ Cordless 18V LXT Twin Kit with 4x 5.0Ah Batteries

The 18V LXT Tool Set includes four 5.0Ah batteries for extended use, a circular saw, and a combi drill. The combi drill features two mechanical gears: a high-speed mode for light-duty tasks and a low-speed mode for heavy-duty applications. It offers variable speed control, 21 torque settings, a drill mode, a keyless chuck, an electric brake, and dual LED job lights for improved visibility.

The twin circular saw delivers speeds of up to 4600rpm for swift cutting and ripping. It features a large lock-off safety lever, a practical guide rule, and oversized rubberized levers for effortless depth and bevel adjustments. It can connect to a vacuum cleaner via the attached dust nozzle, and its rear dust exhaust port disperses sawdust away from the user. Additionally, an LED battery indicator displays the charge level of each battery, ensuring battery protection. 

Makita Cordless 18V LXT Twin Kit with 4x 5.0Ah Batteries

Makita DLX2204TX3 18V Cordless Combi & Hammer Drill Twin Pack with 2x 5.0Ah Batteries

The Makita DLX2204TX3 18V Tool Set is an excellent kit for any professional tradesman; both tools feature brushless motors for longer run time and require virtually no maintenance. The DHP484 is an excellent compact combi with an all-metal 2-speed gearbox, easy-to-grip chuck, 21 torque settings, and LED light for improved visibility. The DHR242 is the jewel in the 18V rotary hammer range. It is lightweight, compact, and well-balanced, has a drilling capacity of Ø24mm, and has 3 functions, including a rotary hammer, rotary only, and hammer only for chiselling.

Makita 18V Cordless Combi & Hammer Drill Twin Pack with 2x 5.0Ah Batteries

Makita DLX6068PT9 18V LXT 9 Piece Kit with 3x 5.0Ah Batteries

The DLX6068PT9 Makita 9-piece LXT kit comprises essential tools, including an Angle Grinder LXT 115mm, LXT Multi Tool, LXT Li-Ion Combi Drill, LXT Impact Driver, Rotary Hammer SDS+, LXT Circular Saw 165mm, LXT Jigsaw, Reciprocating Saw, and DML186 18V LED Li-Ion Flashlight.
As part of the Makita 18V Li-Ion LXT range, the DLX6068PT9 kit offers enhanced performance with 430% more working capacity over its lifetime compared to Ni-Cad batteries and is 40% lighter than Ni-MH alternatives. The kit includes a purpose-designed heavy-duty tool bag for convenient storage and protection of your tools, three 5.0Ah Li-Ion batteries and a Twin Port Multi-Volt Rapid Battery Charger.

Makita 18V LXT 9 Piece Kit with 3x 5.0Ah Batteries


How do brushless motors in the Makita tool set benefit users?

Brushless motors offer several advantages over traditional brushed motors, including longer runtime per battery charge, increased power output, and longer lifespan due to reduced wear and friction. This means users can work longer without interruptions and enjoy more efficient performance from their tools.

 What is XPT (eXtreme Protection Technology), and why is it important?

XPT is a feature found in many Makita tools designed to enhance durability by providing increased resistance to dust and water. This is crucial for professionals working in challenging environments such as construction sites or outdoor settings, where dust, debris, and moisture exposure can compromise tool performance and lifespan.

How does AVT (Anti-Vibration Technology) improve user experience?

AVT is a technology integrated into certain Makita tools to reduce vibration during operation. This results in less fatigue and increased comfort for the user. This is particularly beneficial for tasks that require prolonged use of power tools, such as drilling, chiselling, or demolition work.

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