What is Dewalt FlexVolt?

Last updated: January 30, 2024

The DeWalt FlexVolt system is a true game changer and packs an incredible level of power, efficiency and runtime into a compact package. It brings all-new hybrid-voltage battery technology to the game and really pushes the boundaries of what cordless tools are capable of.

In this blog post, we’ll explain DeWalt FlexVolt, how it works, and some of the best FlexVolt tools available.

What is Dewalt FlexVolt?

If you’ve seen any mention of FlexVolt online, you might be confused about what it actually is!

Well, effectively, FlexVolt refers to battery technology, the system of powering tools with these batteries, and the range of tools that utilize them. Confusing, I know!

More generally, though, it refers to the new power system that gives batteries and tools extended runtime, better performance, and backward compatibility.

FlexVolt is designed to allow tradesmen to harness the power of a corded machine in a lightweight and portable cordless package. It aims to help eliminate the need for inconvenient power cables in heavy-duty construction tasks, giving tradesmen better mobility, flexibility and comfort on the job site.

How do FlexVolt batteries work?


FlexVolt batteries offer two main benefits – better performance and more runtime.

As with most power tool batteries, XR batteries are constructed with lithium-ion cells wired together in a series to increase the voltage. These are then wired into parallel rows to further deliver greater amp hours. The main difference here begins when the battery is discharged.

DeWalt Powerstack

With a standard lithium-ion battery, when power is used up it is taken from all of the cells simultaneously. With FlexVolt however, power can be drawn from the cells in sequence, or one by one.

In practice, this means that in some situations, the same charge capacity in an XR battery might provide extra runtime compared to a regular lithium-ion battery.

As the name also suggests, FlexVolt batteries can change voltage automatically due to the wiring configuration.

Take the FlexVolt 20V/60V 2.0Ah Max battery for example. As well as powering high-performance 60V tools, the battery automatically changes into parallel mode when inserted into a 20V MAX tool. In this mode, the 15 lithium-ion cells can deliver up to 4x the runtime of traditional batteries.

However, the most popular battery in the new range is the 18/54V XR batteries because they are fully compatible with some 18V tools and the newer 54V models.

When used with an 18V XR Advantage tool, the tool will also be able to utilize the higher voltage to provide better runtime and performance. Learn more about how this works below!

What is FlexVolt Advantage?

DeWalt FlexVolt-Advantage

Essentially, FlexVolt Advantage is an innovative new technology that allows 18V tools to deliver more performance and properly utilize the power of the FlexVolt batteries. It provides more power output than ever before and increases the tool’s versatility and runtime.

Tools equipped with FlexVolt Advantage can instantly recognize what type of battery pack is being used (18V or 54V), and then automatically draw more current and adjust the power output accordingly. In addition to this, FlexVolt Advantage tools are also compatible with traditional 18V batteries!

This significantly enhances the tool’s flexibility and productivity- in other words, more bang for your buck!

What about my old 18V tools?

With FlexVolt you don’t need to eliminate all your existing 18V tools! You’ll be glad to hear that the new FlexVolt batteries are fully compatible with 18V power tools.

While they are compatible and do have the same connection points, 18V tools won’t be able to benefit from the higher power output that the 54V battery provides unless it is equipped with FlexVolt Advantage. 

If you need a power tool that delivers maximum power, efficiency, and runtime but don’t want to eliminate the old 18V tools, the new FlexVolt batteries are an excellent way to increase their performance and life.

The DeWalt FlexVolt Tools

Below are some of the best DeWalt FlexVolt tools available:

DeWalt DCD796T1-GB 18V XR Brushless Combi Drill

Due to its powerful brushless motor, the DeWalt DCD796T1 combi hammer drill is up to 30% more powerful than the DCD795.

It features drill driver and hammer modes for multiple applications and an intelligent trigger design for better control.

The improved ergonomic design makes it perfect for long sessions, and the included 6.0Ah 18v / 54v FLEXVOLT battery provides incredible runtime!

DeWalt DCG414N 54V XR Flexvolt Angle Grinder

The DeWalt DCG414N combines the performance of a corded angle grinder with the flexibility of a cordless model. The brushless motor delivers unbeatable performance and runtime, powered by the long-life 54V FlexVolt batteries.

An electronic braking system provides extra safety by stopping the wheel quickly when the trigger is disengaged, with the electronic clutch reducing kickback in the event of a stall.

The rubber over mould and two position side handles provide excellent grip, comfort and control.

DeWalt DCS577T2-GB XR FlexVolt Circular Saw

The DeWalt DCS577T2 is a heavy-duty circular saw built upon the XR FlexVolt battery platform. Its high-torn, brushless motor delivers up to 5,800 rpm of power and delivers unmatched performance and runtime.

A robust aluminium construction gives the tool maximum durability while keeping it light and easy to operate. The ergonomic design makes it feel great to use even during extended jobs.

The easy-to-use tool-free depth adjustment allows for quick adjustment on the go, allowing you to adapt to any type of job.

DeWalt DCH333X2-GB 54V XR Flexvolt SDS+ Drill

The DeWalt DCH333X2 SDS+ Hammer Drill offers top-of-the-range performance in an impressive cordless package. Producing an impressive 4480bpm and delivering 3.5J of impact energy, it’s ideal for drilling anchors and fixing holes into concrete, brick & masonry.

The 3-mode mechanism allows you to handle various demolition and drilling tasks. The SDS+ drill can be used in hammer-only, rotary-only, and rotary hammer modes.

Impact dampening and an ergonomic design provide improved comfort and support during extended operating sessions. The integrated LED work light gives you greater visibility for working more efficiently.

DeWalt DCS397T2-GB 54V XR FlexVolt Alligator Saw

The DeWalt DCS397 can saw through even the toughest materials due to its durable, high-power brushless motor. It uses two saw blades running in operating directions to ensure the material doesn’t move while cutting.

The aluminium gearcase housing gives it a lower weight but excellent durability, with dust-sealing protection on the bearings.

Powered by Dewalt 18/54V FlexVolt batteries, it offers unprecedented power in a lightweight, compact, and ergonomic cordless package.


How does FlexVolt technology work?

DeWalt FlexVolt is a power tool battery system introduced by DeWalt, designed to offer both corded and cordless flexibility. It features batteries that can automatically change voltage when switching between 18V MAX and 54V MAX tools, providing increased power for demanding applications.

Can FlexVolt batteries be charged with standard DeWalt chargers?

Yes, FlexVolt batteries can be charged using DeWalt standard chargers. However, it’s important to use a charger that is compatible with the FlexVolt system for optimal performance.

Do FlexVolt batteries come with a warranty?

DeWalt typically provides warranties for their batteries. The warranty terms may vary, so it’s recommended to check the product documentation or contact DeWalt’s customer support for warranty details.

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