What is Milwaukee ONE-KEY™?

Last updated: January 10, 2023

Milwaukee is known for their innovative new technology and the ONE-KEY™ system is one of the most useful systems introduced to the power tool space in recent times. It has become ubiquitous with the brand and especially their flagship models, with most of their cordless tools now incorporating the technology.

Using a Bluetooth connection, it allows you to link your phone to your Milwaukee power tools and manage them remotely. The system is comprehensive and offers a huge variety of useful features to help you work more efficiently and keep track of your tools.

In this blog post we’re going to take a look at what ONE-KEY™ is, some of it’s best features, and our favourite ONE-KEY™ compatible tools.

What is Milwaukee ONE-KEY™?

Milwaukee ONE-KEY™ is a digital platform that is integrated into many of Milwaukee’s cordless power tools. It offers simplified and efficient tool customization, tracking and management on the job site. Using Bluetooth connectivity between your power tool and the smartphone app, it allows you to build digital inventories, share information in real-time with team members, and easily oversee tool locations and other services. 

These features not only allow you to keep your tools more secure and available, but they also allow you to work more efficiently by tracking every aspect of your tools. On top of this you can even manage your team members and automatically report on your tool’s performance data, so you can make sure it’s always working at full capacity.

Milwaukee ONE-KEY™ Features

ONE-KEY™ brings with it several unique key features which really sets it apart from the rest:

Let’s dig a bit deeper into each of these below.

Tool Customization

photo showing different features of milwaukee table saw

With the ONE-KEY™ system you can wirelessly configure your tools to better suit the jobs you do the most frequently. You can for example adjust the speed and torque settings in an impact wrench or combi drill, for use with a specific material or task.

Using the app on your smartphone you can set up customizable profiles, containing these custom settings for your tool. These are then stored in the tool meaning that they can be easily  saved or loaded, and that your smartphone doesn’t need to stay connected.

In addition to this, ONE-KEY™ uses advanced electronic sensors to monitor the tool’s output and performance, which ensures a consistent and controlled power delivery with each trigger pull.

These features not only allow you to get in and out of jobs quicker, but it also allows you to maximize tool performance and accessory life to get the most out of your tools.

Tool Security & Tracking

graphic depicting tool tracking system

Locating your tools has never been easier with the ONE-KEY™ app. Using the Bluetooth connection, you are able to precisely pinpoint the location of your power tool and see its location on an area map. This helps save you time and effort as you don’t need to constantly keep an eye on all of your tools, and you’ll instead be able to see exactly where they are at a glance.

The handy Geo-Fencing feature allows you to set up an invisible perimeter around a job site, and if a tool assigned to that area is seen outside of it, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone. No longer will you need to worry about equipment going missing from job sites!

However, in the unfortunate event that your tool does go missing, the ONE-KEY™ app will alert you if this tool comes within 30 feet of anyone else with the app installed. You can then lock down the tool, preventing anyone from using it unless you reset it yourself.

Inventory Management

screenshot of milwaukee one-key app on browser tracking tool location

Milwaukee ONE-KEY™ features a centralized inventory management system which allows you to keep track of all tools and equipment across your users and networks, regardless of location.

The smartphone application shows you a digital catalog containing every compatible tool and barcoded item in your inventory, so you can easily verify what you have on hand. At a glance you’ll be able to see details such as tool location, job history, where it is assigned, and who it is assigned to

Another handy inventory management feature of ONE-KEY™ is it’s ability to send automated service reminders for your tools. You’ll be alerted when your attention is needed, so that you can ensure your tools are working at full performance and their long-term durability is maintained.

Tool Reporting

screenshot showing inventory management and tool reporting on one-key app

Thanks to Milwaukee’s advanced electronics monitoring, job site managers can wirelessly synchronize their tools to the web based app and automatically upload tool data and history. It’s a comprehensive reporting system that allows you to drill into every detail of your tool’s performance and efficiency.

The software will track performance and information like timings, torque, electrical terminations, or crimp actions. With this information you can schedule regular reports or even create custom reports, to help you spot potential problems or issues before you finish the job.

One-Key Compatible Tools

Milwaukee M18 ONEID2-0X 18V Fuel One-Key 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver

The Milwaukee M18 ONEID2 is one of the best cordless impact drivers in it’s class. The powerful, brushless powerstate motor provides excellent performance, with a compact and lightweight design making it comfortable to use.

The ONEID2 features a 4-mode drive control for precise control over speed and power, with a self-tapping screw mode for faster stripping of fasteners.

Equipped with One-Key as standard, this impact driver is an excellent addition to any tradesperson’s tool kit.

Milwaukee M18 ONEFHPX-0 18V Fuel One-Key SDS Plus Hammer

The M18 ONEFHPX is the hardest-hitting cordless SDS+ hammer in it’s class, with a powerful hammer mechanism delivering up to 5.0J of impact energy. It is capable of drilling up to 10 18x100mm holes in a single 5.5Ah battery charge.

The 3-mode operation allows you to adapt to any kind of task, with better results than other corded and cordless rotary hammers. The Autostop feature prevents over-rotation of the drill to increase it’s lifespan, with the AVS Anti-Vibration-System helping to minimize vibration for maximum comfort.

This tool is perfect for heavy-duty demolition and drilling jobs with masonry, steel, and wood.

Milwaukee M18 ONEFSAG 18V Cordless One-Key 115mm Angle Grinder

The Milwaukee M18 ONEFSAG is capable of effectively handling a wide variety of tasks including grinding, cutting, and surface prepping. It uses a premium gearing system comparable to corded grinders, which offers unbeatable performance and features, with up to 10x longer motor life.

As well as the integrated one-key technology, the ONEFSAG also features Rapidstop™ technology to provide extremely fast braking, with a non-lockable safety paddle switch preventing automatic start up. An anti-vibration slide handle increases user comfort, with a 115mm keyless guard providing great cutting capacity.

Milwaukee M18 FSZ-552X FUEL 18V One-Key Reciprocating Saw

Designed to be highly efficient, the Milwaukee M18 FSZ-552 includes a variety of optimizations and adjustable features to give you the easiest cutting experience possible.

Adjustable soft start provides more accurate cut-starts in various materials, which helps to give cleaner and faster cuts. Cut optimization helps to further ease cutting materials, and give the blade a longer life. An automatic brake prevents accidental cuts and damage.

ONE-KEY™ is included for you to save up to 3 custom configurations, for you to more easily switch between jobs.

Milwaukee M18 ONESLSP-0 18V One-Key LED Compact Site Light

For portable lighting solutions on the job site, the Milwaukee M18 ONESLSP-0 LED Site Light is an ideal choice. Powered by either 18V batteries or mains, it provides a bright, consistent 360° light source using it’s advanced LED technology.

It includes a number of useful features such as automatic lighting schedules, an adjustable brightness level, a self-centring metal hook for hanging, and an integrated AC outlet allowing for multiple lights to be strung together.

You can use ONE-KEY™ to remotely control the brightness and settings, as well as for inventory management, tool tracking and reporting.

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